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Christian Movies coming in 2014

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Christian Movies coming soon in 2014-2015

Here are a few Christian based films coming soon in 2014 to 2015. Here is a movie retelling the story of Moses called Exodus and Gods and Kings. How about a movie on the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate?  the story of the man who authorized Jesus’s crucifixion. Sounds exciting?

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Exodus : Gods and Kings


Exodus and Gods and Kings Official Trailer (HD)

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Here are more movie trailers of Saving Christmas, The Good Lie, God’s not dead and your chance to be in a Christian movie. As new trailers come out I will post them below! 

THE GOOD LIE — New trailer!

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Genesis in 3D


Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas Trailer (2014) Comedy Movie HD

23 Blast OFFICIAL TRAILER – In Theaters October 24, 2014

God’s Not Dead Official Trailer (2014) – Harold Cronk Movie HD

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Heaven Is For Real – Official Trailer – In Theaters Easter 2014


For 2015 we await the movie The Second Coming of Christ which tells the story of The journey of a woman scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring Miracles. Mary will be released in 2015 and focuses on the story of the mother of Jesus in her early years. The film being billed as the Biblical prequel to the story of The Passion of the Christ with Mel Gibson. 

The second coming of Christ

Mary mother of Jesus


Here is a favorite on DVD: The Encounter – the full movie in HD Watch it now!

Click for the newest releases of Christian Movie Trailers for 2015-2016

Discover the Holy Land with Bein Harim

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