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Christian Movies coming in 2014

16 November

Christian Movies coming out in 2014

Here are a few Christian based films starting as early as spring 2014. First is Mary Mother of Christ the story of Mary and Joseph as the raise Jesus and the story captures some of the early life of Mary as well. There are two versions retelling the story of  Moses movies coming out, one called Exodus and Gods and Kings. How about a movie on the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate?  the story of the man who authorized Jesus’s crucifixion. Sounds exciting. 




Here are more movie trailers of Noah, Left Behind, God’s not dead and your chance to be in a Christian movie. As new trailers come out I will post them below! 



Genesis in 3D

Son of God Official Trailer (2014) HD


Noah Official Trailer (HD) Russell Crowe, Emma Watson

Left Behind 2014 Trailer

God’s Not Dead Official Trailer (2014) – Harold Cronk Movie HD

YOUR CHANCE! To be in a Christian Movie! DREAMER 2014

Heaven Is For Real – Official Trailer – In Theaters Easter 2014


Persecuted Christians lead to their slaughter

Not Everyone Who Says Lord Lord Shall enter the kingdom

Testimony of Joseph Cabral Former Drug Dealer

Is Jesus God – Debate

Why It’s Important not to Follow Your Bliss

Satanist turn Christian – (Testimony)


  • Marilyn Redfern Jernigan

    Thanks for sharing Norman. They all look like very good movies to look forward to.

    • Norman

      Thank you Marilyn, glad you liked them. If I see any new ones I will add them here. :-)