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How I Overcame in the Battle with Pornography

Fat Loss Remedy Solution ReportMy Battle with Pornography When I was about seven years old, someone, (more than twice my age), showed me something I wasn’t supposed to see. It was a dirty magazine filled with elicit content (pornography) of naked women. At seven years old, you can imagine my disgust, not ever being exposed to anything on […]

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Gospel of John

The Gospel of John (Full Movie in HD) Story of Jesus Christ

The Gospel of John (Full Movie in HD) Click Here To Watch The “5 Memory-Killing Foods You Should NEVER Eat” Video The gospel of John is my favorite of the four gospels because of all the content available for witnessing to people. This movie is a fantastic tool for sharing the gospel to someone that wants […]

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passing away

This World is Passing Away

The World is Definitely Passing Away Here is a short but crucial message for you today from the word of God. “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the […]

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The NBA Forces Transgender Rights in Alignment with Left Wing Politics

The NBA and Transgender Bathroom usage The NBA (National Basketball Association) appears to be taking a page from the liberal Democrat playbook this election cycle in the fight over bathroom use by the opposite sex. The hand of Government in Washington is forcing fellow Americans of opposite sex, both students and government workers and anyone using government buildings, […]

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Thirty Year Air Force Veteran Assaulted and Ejected from Retirement Ceremony for mentioning “God”

Thirty Year Air Force Veteran Booted from Ceremony for mentioning “God” Oscar Rodriguez assaulted by Air Force personnel for saying the word “God.” Oscar Rodriguez was invited to give the retirement speech, on June 3rd 2016. However, he was quickly ejected by Air Force personnel in what was, according to commander of the 349th Air Mobility Wing at […]

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does God forgive divorce

Will God Forgive me for Getting a Divorce and then Remarrying?

Does God forgive Divorce? I was listening to Christian radio while driving down the highway when a man calls in a question on the bible answer program. He said he was divorced and was now with another woman. Both he and his new common law wife recently became believers. He asked the host, ‘Will God forgive me for getting a divorce?‘  The host replied ‘no’, […]

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Non biblical evidence that proves Jesus existed

Is There Evidence Outside the Bible Proving Jesus Christ Existed?

Evidence outside the Bible that Proves Jesus Existed What if someone told you George Washington didn’t exits? Wouldn’t that sound far fetched? And yet there are numerous groups of skeptics that are making new claims denying the existence of Jesus Christ. A person that existed in the flesh some 2000 years ago. Is Jesus Real? They […]

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Eva Brunne Lesbian Bishop & Activist

Lesbian Bishop Wants to Remove Church Crosses to Appease Muslims

LESBIAN BISHOP CREATES TURMOIL IN THE CHURCH Bishop Eva Brunne, appears to be undermining the Seamen’s Church in Stockholm Sweden. The Bishop is not standing on biblical principles, but rather embraces multiculturalism and compromise. Is this a portrait of pure evil? or just how the church has evolved in the modern error? Bishop Eva Brunne Lesbian Activist Bishop Eva Brunne is an […]

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Christian Theatrical

5 Top Christian Theatrical Performances – Powerful Skits and Dance

5 Top Christian Theatrical Performances for Teens, Young Adults and Family Looking for something safe and interesting to share with your family? Here are five impactful and powerful Christian skits that shows the power of God. I can’t say enough how good these performances are. These videos mirror real life situations like peer pressure, sex, drugs and […]

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Christmas carol Playlists

10 Christmas Carol Playlists for Everyone

10 Christmas Carol Playlists for Everyone ‘Tis the season to be Jolly. It’s my favorite time of year for listening to music, seeing all the lights and spending time with family. The right Christmas carols can be hard to find sometimes when you are looking for Christ centered Christmas carols. Here are a few Christmas music playlists you […]

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