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Understanding What to do to Remain Saved

07 October

Understanding what to do to be saved

If you are reading this post it may be that you are seeking to learn how to be saved by God or how to get to heaven. These website resources are for seekers as well as born again believers to use, share and grow. People have many ideas on how to be saved. Though there are differing opinions on how to be saved, only one is true. Please don’t leave this page without reading the entire article.

How to Get Saved

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. John 3:3 

Jesus tells us how to get saved. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!

Step 1: Understand we are sinner

We must first realize our sin. The bible sets a high standard on getting into heaven. In order to get to heaven we must be 100% righteous. Anything less and you are wasting your time. Have you ever lied? Did you ever steal something? Did you ever use God’s name as a curse word? Did you ever hate someone? Did you ever envy something that belonged to someone else? Did you ever commit adultery, watch dirty video’s or participate in fornication? If the answer is yes to any of these questions you are guilty of sinning against a Holy God. These are only a few of God’s Commands. If you have broken one, its just as if you have broken all of them. In other words we all are guilty of sin.

As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one.- Romans 3:10

No one can get to heaven on their own righteousness. Therefore none of us can pass the test on our own. The bible says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” – Romans 3:23 It is only when we become convinced we are sinners and that we have broken the God’s commands and we have seen the distastefulness of our sins, that we can truly begin to understand why we need a Savior. Some people believe that God will weigh their good deeds verses their bad deeds. If a murderer is awaiting sentencing, does the Judge say, “Well because of all the other people you didn’t kill I will sentence you to time served”? No. That will not happen. What kind of judge would that make God? Jesus is a righteous Judge.  “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” James 2:10 

Step 2 Repent of our sins


Before we were headed for destruction (Hell) and didn’t know it. Someone shared the truth of the gospel with us and we believed. If you are on a train headed for a cliff what do you do? Get off. You get off the track and follow right path. This is an example of repentance. Turning away from our sins. Without repentance we cannot be saved. It is a change that occurs in the heart and mind. It is a decision we make to surrender and follow Christ. When it happens it affects our life.

If anyone tells you you don’t have to repent they are lying to you. Some churches preach nothing about repentance. I find that amazing. Repentance is an integral part of salvation and without it you are still in deception. “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.” Acts 3:19. Important? Jesus says, “I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish.” Luke 13:3.

Matthew 4:17 says, “From that time on Jesus began to preach “repent for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Watch out for false doctrine. 

Step 3: Confess the Lord

Trust in Jesus Christ and understand that we are saved by the grace of God. We have nothing to do with our salvation. Jesus paid it all on the cross. What Jesus did by paying our sin debt is well worth confessing. Confess him. Romans 10:9-10 says, “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved, for with the heart man believes unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” It is an act of faith when we confess our Savior Jesus Christ.

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

Jesus went to the cross and paid your sin debt once and for all. But He was not done there. He sent His Holy Spirit to live on the inside of us. He helps us through the many difficult time that we have as Christians. The Holy Spirit teaches us things in life and through the word of God.

Evidence of Salvation After being saved

Understand that God does the work in you and through you after you are saved. He does the work when we surrender to him. That being said, God’s word warns us to test the spirit to see if it is of God or of a false prophet in 1 John 4:1. We are to test or examine our lives regularly. 

Examining ourselves

It is also good to examine our faith and our lives to ensure it is in line with biblical doctrine. We don’t want to go through life and discover we were on the wrong path all along. (I will do my best to explain). It is the word of God that tells us to examine ourselves. A genuine believer will have certain evidences that follow their Christian walk. If these evidences are not present, we should test ourselves. It says in 2 Corinthians 13:5 “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you? – Unless indeed you are disqualified.” 

Faith in God will produce good works

The bible says that we are a new person, changed, no longer the same if we are in Christ. Something changes in your heart and mind. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.  This is because of the work of the Holy Spirit. Our dead spirit was just made alive by God because we believed. If we are in Christ our habits will change and we will do good works.  Understand that it is God who does the work. *Notice I didn’t say you were saved by good works, but that the believer will do good works. Which is consistent with the teaching of the word of God. (Ephesians 2:10) says, For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do). God prepared work in  our live for us to do. He works through us. We cant do these good works on our own. We must dwell in Christ Jesus by walking in obedience to the scriptures. Jesus said in John chapter 15 “Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

You have faith, and I have works

James 2:18-19 says, But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!”

We are able to do good works when we surrender and let God move through us. James 2:20 says, “But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?”  Saying we have faith and that we believe in God and not listening to him is almost as if we don’t believe. If we say we believe we need to trust God and surrender to his will. That is what faith is. These verses are why we need to inspect ourselves.

James 1:23-25 For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was. But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does.

A genuine believer will remain in the faith. The bible makes it clear that if we continue in the faith we will be saved. Which would mean that if we did not continue we would be disqualified. Matthew 10:22 “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.” and again in Hebrews 3:6 but Christ as a Son over His own house, whose house we are if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end.

God clearly teaches that we are not to be like the rest of the world. If you are born again you cannot hate your brother in Christ. If you do you deceive yourself. 1 John 3:10 says, “In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother.”

Matthew 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Isaiah 53:6 

We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him, (Jesus Christ) the iniquity of us all.

Are we saved by works?

The bible make it clear that we are saved by grace through faith in God alone. Ephesians 2:8-9 “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—  not by works, so that no one can boast.” We are not saved by works, but by the grace of God who sees our weaknesses and helps us over come sin through the Holy Spirit. We are justified by His grace.

Again in Titus 3:4-7 it says But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life.” That is awesome and praiseworthy!

What to do next?

Locate a bible believing and bible teaching church and bring your bible. Trust the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart. Fellowship with other believers. Read your bible daily to feed your spirit. Thank you for visiting Jesus Coffee Break. Please leave a comment if this was helpful for you.

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  • Jon Stallings

    Great job on explaining the path to Salvation. Too often we treat lightly the call to take up our cross. Romans 12:1 also relates where we are called to be a living sacrifice. This is also God has really been working in me over the past year. We are called to sacrifice our own desires and agendas. The good news is that God has a better agenda for our lives.

    • Thank you Jon. God has been working on me as well. I believe the Lord hates deception and whether teachers, pastors etc know it or many share the gospel without pointing out critical truths that should be addressed. We don’t want people returning to the world with the wrong message of Salvation.

      • Neil Osborn

        Hello Norman, thanks for your encouragement. We are definitely saved for good works.

  • Bill Kraski

    Good post, but I’m confused about the title. You seem to agree that we’re saved by grace, so how can anything we do keep us saved? If someone keeps sinning, it could mean they weren’t saved in the first place or it could mean they’ve never been properly discipled.

    • Hi Bill, The article is meant to provide information as well as penetrate the heart of those who are in the church who are not saved. People who profess Jesus as Lord but think it is okay to continue sinning because they are under grace. I believe the bible makes it clear that genuine Christians will stop sinning, as it says in 1 John 3:6 “Whosoever abideth in Him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen Him neither knows Him.” Also Genuine Christians will remain (Abide or dwell) in Christ. In essence I think the born again believer is someone who is sold out for Christ. They are all in. They don’t have one foot in the church and one in worldly pleasures. Do we fall? sometimes we do. But the Spirit of God that lives inside us encourages us to get back to our first love and because we are genuine Christians we have no problem with that. We want to please God. We want to shine for Him and we do. The post is not meant to confuse but to cause church goers to inspect test their faith and I think its healthy for all of us to do that.

      This post is called once saved always saved :

      I believe there are many in the church who have been falsely converted and this is one of many of the articles I wrote to address that.
      Bill thanks for the question and for giving me a chance to explain that. God bless you!

      • Bill Kraski

        I think we’re in agreement. But I those for whom discipleship is a long and sometimes painful process. That despite the fact that they’ve confessed Christ honestly. They could get the idea that there’s no turmoil if they’re really saved. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. It took me a year of being saved to realize that alcohol was an impediment to my walk with God. And tobacco was around a lot longer because I had a hyperspiritual idea that the only way cigarettes could correctly be removed from my life was by divine miracle. Once I allowed God to use the patch to deliver me, I never looked back. But I was convinced of my relationship with Him, from the moment I asked God to guide me. There are those who might not be so blessed and need to see that they need to keep moving forward instead of giving up. There’s a lot of varying teaching out there — some of it very legalistic.

        • I can certainly see your point bill. However If someone came to Christ seeking I think the Spirit of God will do His work in them, like He did in you, me and so many others. One thing about deception when it comes to religious walk, I think when people, like myself, see a verse that sticks out that mentions strong teaching you tend to want to find out more and that’s why I think this post is so important. The word of God is sharp. I don’t think someone who truly desire the Lord will turn their backs on him. But someone who is taught wrong theology might, because they were not taught about the evidence of faith. They might fall away if they see everyone (Christians) as Hypocrites. But I trust that the word of God will not return void. The word of God was able to penetrate my lukewarmness four months ago before I started writing. I was working in a government facility for the last 7 years and The Lord removed me from the position. I don’t want to go back down that road. God knows my walk changed a couple years after I started there. But He has worked on my heart. All throughout the time I was there He still knew my heart. He will draw us back even if he has to shut doors to do it. Amen!

  • Sabastian

    Norman, you believe that you nolonger sin? Yet Saint Paul confessed he did that which he should not and did not do that which he should and thanked God for Jesus who would save him from this body of death. Furthermore, Saint Paul wrote saying, I have not yet reached it, meaning sinlessness. It seems to me Saint Paul who gave us half of the New Testement believed he still sinned. Further still, Jesus said none were good, indicating all had sinned including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, John the Baptist, and all his diciples. so it seems Jesus believed that even after acquiring salvation one could still sin. Jesus even made it clear, if you sin you have one to go to who is faithful and just to forgive your sin and cleans you of all unrighteousness.
    I believe Peter is using a phrase to teach a lesson. He is identifying two groups of people. Christians and none Christians. Christians are sinless before God and their desire is to please God while none Christians still abide in their sins and desire to continue in sin. I admit it is a difficult passage but to claim true Christians do not sin is contradictory to the teaching of Paul and Jesus.

    • Can you tell me Sabastian, where you came up with the fact that I believe I no longer sin? You are making a big assumption when you read the article!

      That aside, Just because we are under grace does not give any Christian a license to sin. We as Christians are sinners and we do sin. However God has called us to sin less and less. God’s word has allot to say about it. I do think many Christians are deceived on the matter. But lets look at some scripture. The bible clearly warn us repeatedly about being deceived. Corinthians 5:1717 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

      We do Wrestle against the flesh! but what is the answer to that. Do we give into sin because of what Paul says? No. The bible says, I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Galatians 5:16

      This verse does sum it up.
      1 John 3:6 Whoever abides in Him does not sin. Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor known Him. This is in the bible. It is warning of deception!

      Is it difficult? absolutely. But we can do it because we have the Holy Spirit in us.If we walk in the Spirit we can overcome sin.

      Paul says in Corinthians 9:27 “No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.”

      Have I been a back slider? Absolutely, I have been lukewarm and it was recently before starting this blog / website. And I repented a come back to Christ.

      Sabastian, I really appreciate your comment. This is a good conversation and one I believe will benefit many who read this post.

  • Marty

    Great article, you explained a lot in an easy to understand way. Thanks to you I see the errs in my faith. I really did not know some of these things.

    • Marty, that is wonderful. The reason God gave us His word is so we could learn in and not be deceived. He gave it so we could read it and have a better understanding of who He is. So that we can worship Him and talk to Him in truth. It gives me great joy when someone come into an understanding of the word of God and I know God is moved by it. Thank you Marty and may God bless you richly in Spirit.

  • craig68able

    I am a sinner,who have been saved now for over 15 years and have always wondered if I was on the path to staying saved.This has helped me tremendously!!!!! thanks,Craig M. Dees. Jesus is Lord!!

    • Norman Grant

      Thank you for visiting Craig. I am glad this helped you.

  • Hope this post helped you Andre. God wants us to be free and to walk in his grace knowing that he is our righteousness as long as we are truly his. Our works are as filthy rags, if we are trying to work our way into heaven. But our works are good when we are doing them because of what has already done for us and because we have experienced his forgiveness. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

  • Thank you and may God bless your ministry Brenda