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Animated Christian Movies – Bible Stories – Jesus film

22 October
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Animated Christian Movies & Jesus Film for children

"Christian animated movies"

One Stop for Animated Christian Movies and Jesus film

Here is a handful of selected animated Christian movies for children and the whole family. These movies help build faith in God, hope, love and will help your children understand the God’s word, by the power of story telling. This includes the stories of Jesus, Solomon, Daniel, Abraham and the ten commandments.

It should be noted that the movies listed below could be taken down at anytime by their owners due to licences agreements. If you have any suggestions you think I missed, leave me a comment below or in the contact form.  

Bible Stories For Children Old Testament The Demise of Solomon

Bible Stories For Children – Old Testament: Daniel and the King’s Dreams

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Bible in Animation – Abraham

The Ten Commandments (2009) – Bible Animated Movie HD

Jesus Christ’s Life Story ( Christian Animated Cartoon Movie)

The full gospel story of Jesus Christ presented in cartoon animation for all ages.

The Jesus Film (English Children Version)

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Genesis 3D Movie

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Who is Jesus Christ?

What to do to remain saved?

Top 10 Funniest Christian Comedians

Have False Teachers crept into the church?

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